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ZADIG cabinet system is named for the character created by French philosopher Voltaire. Its design draws inspiration from his oriental adventure. It captures the spirit of that fantastic journey and revisits the connection between eastern and western cultures.

ZADIG boldly utilizes a variety of materials and colors to create shelving in varying heights and lengths. The system can meet a variety of needs in the living room. It can become a back cabinet, a low cabinet, a TV cabinet, and a bookshelf. Its colorful sliding doors are scattered in different heights, like jumping notes in a movement. The cabinet is a visual feast of endless change.


  • 5000*550*1880mm 196.85*21.65*74.01
    3800*550*1470mm 149.60*21.65*74.01
    4200*550*460mm 165.35*21.65*74.01


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