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J.Design has provided professional home design services and furniture products to residential clients since 2016. We offer customization of high-end furniture, specialize in 3D and VR decoration design. However, our duty is not just about the homes we design, it's the lifestyle and way of living we are striving to enhance. Whether a new home or a re-model our job is to take your daily experience of living in your personal environment to the highest level.

J.Design is the first furniture company in North America that applies the VR cloud design concept. Each of the furniture has a 3D model, and we use our cutting-edge technology to restore the home space, and re-design the whole space according to customers' preferences. Import all the furniture and accessories in accordance with 1:1 proportion, let the customer carry VR glasses with an immersive experience, in order to bring the perfect shopping experience to our clients.

Business & Designer Partnerships

  We always welcome those who are interested in joining our business or our team. No matter you are an interior designer or an sales expert, you can always contact us through our email or visit for additional details. We also welcome local and global furniture retailers and designer firms that are looking forward to establish a business partnership; for additional details regarding joining our business, please review our Designer Relations Page.

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