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With the help of our local professionals, find everything you need to decorate your space within our unlimited collection of styles. Our professional interior designers are perfectly flexible with your schedule and can work with you as much or as little as you wish, granting you full freedom with your home ideas.

How Everything Works


1. Measuring and consulting

2. Inspiration and creation

3. Designing the amazing looks of your home

4. Revision and Customization

5. Sit back and await the amazing looks of your new home!

1. Measuring and consulting: Either by uploading your floor plans by email or book an appointment to meet with one of our  professional interior designer at our location 

2. Inspiration and creation: Concept is an important aspect in decorating your new home, and we respect your opinion. During the early consultation stage, our designers will work together with you, fully understand your furnishing and style preferences, and in the end, create the perfect home for you.

3. Designing the amazing looks of your home: With the concept and information we have gathered in the previous step, we will provide you with a detailed intimation of your dream home with all the furniture you selected; all based on real-life sizes and colors, and most importantly, everything is free upon your purchase! Click Here to view some of our featured room plans.

4. Revision and Customization: Not finding the specific piece of furniture you would like, or want to add a little bit of your own creativity? Don't worry, our design experts are here to help you customize and your dream furniture using our unique 3-D illustration to demonstrate how your home will look like!

5. Sit back and await the amazing looks of your new home: Once you are satisfied with your selections and our design, you can sit back and await the amazing looks of your new home, as  your unique furniture pieces are manufactured and delivered to your home. 

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*Additional condition apply. Please view our Terms and Policies page for additional information regarding our design services

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