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CROSS dining table has an elegant and precise structure that combines contemporary western aesthetics with subtle oriental charm. The table’s metal legs are well-proportioned and support each other. It has a form and spirit that is both unique and chic.

SIZE : 1600*1000*740mm 1800*1000*740mm 2000*1000*740mm 2200*1000*740mm 2400*1000*740mm


  • 2400*1000*740 94.5*39.4*29.1
    2200*1000*740 86.6*39.4*29.1
    2000*1000*740 78.7*39.4*29.1
    1800*1000*740 70.9*39.4*29.1
    1600*1000*740 63*39.4*29.1

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