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HC28 cooperates with the internationally recognized designer Steve Leung

"In today’s fast changing world, with so many industries struggling under the pressure of competitors, many of our products have proven exceptionally long lived and, therefore, exceptionally profitable. Our design VISION provides a new meaning to the product, putting it beyond fleeting fashions."

"Our distinctive process makes us research in market niches, which may result in changing a product in order to improve DIFFERENTIATION, generating unique aspects and creating a sense of value."



Q: When is the first time to know HC28? What kind ofimpression do you have?

A: I met the manager of marketing and product from HC28, asa fellow speaker during last year's Beijing Design Week edition. I was immediatelydrawn to the way the company looks at every project as a way of achievingcultural and enrichment, as well as to their taste for fine materials andaesthetics, which I think is a great philosophy.

Q: This is the first cooperation between you and HC28, how do you feel? And what’s the hardest part?

A:I have felt very comfortable with them from the first moment. It's been a long developement process, but very linear nonetheless. They are great professionals and form an extraordinary team, both in their offices and the manufacturing plant. It's remarkable.

Q: After the 20th China International Furniture Expo, “Bear” collection becomes popular,What is your design inspiration? And what kind of lifestyle you want to interpret?

A: Our inspiration was the idea of wrapping the user in a hug of a big teddy bear. An icon is both strong and warm, very fitting to anyone's home. At the same time, we try to convey the idea of family, so rooted in Chinese culture, with an element that embraces the user; modern and warm lifestyle is capable of coexisting with the old ways. That's in fact something China can deliver to the rest of the world:being proud of a great tradition and trying to combine it with the present.

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