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HC28 cooperates with the internationally recognized designer Steve Leung

In people’s minds, HC28 has been developed in the path of international modern design, inviting recognized European designers to create the concept “East meets West” in terms of furniture culture and innovative design. Through decades of development, HC28 has proven its passion to achieve excellence, transcending international boundaries. On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we have had the honor to get acquainted with Mr. Steve Leung, and engage in a meaningful exchange and in-depth cooperation.

Entrance at the Steve Leung Design Center

The living and dining rooms from the “PIANPIAN” collection fully bring into play the concept of asymmetry. The sofa features a two-colored fabric on one side, and the coffee table and the cabinet also present different colors, materials or functions on particular sides.

The whole concept is based on an asymmetric language that delivers a fresh visual effect and an innovative experience of use, reflecting the breakthrough of modern design as opposed to the classical canon.

During the process of cooperation, Steve Leung and his team have left a deep impression regarding their pursuit for concept and detail, following the same passion for excellence found in HC28. 

Besides Steve Leung’s consistent pursuitfor simplicity, the “PIANPIAN” collection present extraordinary features in it spolished details, portraying the breakthrough from a traditional to a modern design interpretation, expanding scale, color, functionality and combination on every level. To cooperate with Steve Leung implied true dialogue and a clear understanding of concepts, further deepening the mutual pursuit and challengefor perfection.

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